My dad and the social network of the world.

January 9, 2010

I don’t play Facebook games, I know nuts about Facebook stalking, I rarely uploads photos on Facebook, I more often than not ignore Facebook invites, I am a Facebook amateur (upgraded from “noob” all those months ago). I also never bothered to change that status of mine.

So when daddy talked to me on MSN today, I was like “wtf?!”

Chua says:
girl girl help papa. how to access facebook from my msn?

JOY  says:
although i am no fb expert, i dont think you can do tt.

Chua says:
then how to log in?

JOY ♥ says:
err.. internet explorer?

Chua says:
uh-huh then?

JOY ♥ says:
type in the website address lah silly!

Chua says:
:( :( what is the website address?

 I really really really was speechless.

An hour later…………

JOY ♥ says:
how you got in?

Chua says:
i forgot my password now resetting account..

I forsee trouble so I quickly escaped to dinner.. Haha.


Saw this email when I returned! It says, “Hello… welcome MI to de world of facebook…..” He actually succeeded on his own and trying to use ‘hip’ lingo, no less! :P

He even changed his photo, “married” my mother, left a comment on my page and was actively looking for his friends!


Atta Boy!

I am so proud of you daddy! :D


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