Sometimes love just ain’t enough..

January 10, 2010

My today sucked.. And once again, my mother amazes me. She seems to have this uncanny ability to read minds and even though she never asked and I never talked, she just tries in her own small ways to make me smile. That’s why since I was in nursery, I was told 世上子有妈妈好.

We went shopping because trying new clothes is the best way to lift my spirits. Then we went to queue for bubble tea at KOI! Even though, she hates pearls, she entertained me by eating a whole cup of them. Haha.. She later realised on diet, me, didn’t eat my pearls. LOL!

1 Selegie beancurd (my favfav!), stared and tomented 3 puppies, fished 10 goldfishes, bought 2 new tops, wanted to get a new handphone – but the queue was too long, and 3 hours later, I actually felt a load off my heart.

Came home and rested for awhile feeling quite surprised I didn’t cry, I was called to dinner.


I love korean food. :)

So far only my brother and my blog knows the decision I made this afternoon…

Me: What is it about me that he finds it so hard to love?
Smelly brother: Too sensitive. Your problem.
Me: Shit crap you!
Smelly brother: Like my problem is being too open-minded.
Me: Huh?
Smelly brother: Yeah, all my brains fall out.

Laughter is the best cure. Love the idiot boy to bits!


Anyway I must be the idiot one to go edit photos of us when the pain is so raw. But I am not going to deny we did have good times. *sings: we had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun* okay, lame. =_=

This is the last batch of photos I have with my partner (can’t exactly say boyfriend) of the past 3 years.


Fareast Plaza for icy desserts at Slice! Don’t really like the grape flavour though… Tastes like Kodomo, my baby toothpaste. Weird..


We then visted the new malls along the orchard belt. There was even Santa Claus giving out free photos at 313@Somerset. We took seperately so we get 2 sets! Cheapskate us. :P


Stopped for teabreak at a nice-smelling coffee joint, Blue Mountain Cafe. Service was the tops! :)


Then we walked around town enjoying the christmas lights and playing with gayish reindeers in neon coloured clothes. LOL!


Although pretty, I can’t help feel the pinch of electricity prices and the carbon footprint from this festive season. Eek!


Big big big tree!!! With nice butterflies! :D


Glad that the roads were not jammed or I would have inhaled tons of exhaust fumes just walking around. But we did realise there were alot of taxis in Singapore…. At one point in time (approaching midnight surcharge) for every 10 cars on the road there were 8 cabs!


Favourite chocolate on a tree!!


Modern tree at Heeren made up totally of fairylights! Pretty pretty! :)


Playing with the statues outside the new spanking huge mall, ION Orchard.


Even the inside of the tree is decorated!!! Haha…

Me: Hey, I think inside have shop…
(goes in and was stunned)
Zest: Oi.. Why taking so long…
(comes in and was stunned too!)


Best display ever!!!!!! We even stayed to watch the musical water fountain performance.


Admiring the magnificant tree as music and water sprayed while kids ran around playing.. Very surreal.


At nearly 10pm, we finally headed for dinner.. Love love korean BBQ! ^^


At night, we sat and talked till the late bus arrived… :)

If only times like these could last……… Oh wells, let the good times stay as memories.


Why is it that I know you are not good for me,
But I still want you so bad?

You have just made your stand clear.
Too bloody clear in fact.
There is nothing left for me to hold on to.
This time, I am determined to step out of my past.
To forget.


2 Responses to “Sometimes love just ain’t enough..”

  1. mz Says:

    You have us! =)

    • joyholic Says:

      haha.. i am okay. :) wo zhang da le!! today i am meeting cher and loti you free wanna join us? mayb we going to kaypo the universal studios at sentosa. lol..

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