Surrounding myself with favourite people!

January 14, 2010

Before Cher arrives to drag my fat butt to the gym, here are some really old updates… I think I owe like a thousand photos but I am slowly getting around to it. Hee…

First up: Trixie’s actual 20th birthday!!!!

We cut her cake earlier on christmas eve so on the day itself we just hung out as a family… Went all the way to Jurong Point because the silly birthday girl had an overdue library book from NTU. :X


Lunch was at Thai Express…. I like the Jurong Point restaurant concept.. Have indoor and “outdoor” (still have aircon) sitting areas depending whether you want to have an intimate conversation or just people watch. We chose to sit indoors because there were sofa seats!!! Hehe.


Wanted to save money and just drink ice water but everything was so spicy, especially the Tom Yam Soup! It was so clear I thought it wasn’t hot till I took a huge spoonful of it. *burning* had to get juice after to soothe my poor throat. :(


Alot of photos while waiting for the bill to come… As it was her actual birthday, the nice waiter gave us a 20% discount and even prepared a present for her! Although the present seems quite stupid, a giant mug. :P


Went shopping after that… Mainly got the brother practically a whole new wardrobe (because he grows so fast!) while the sisters entertained themselves with standing steam irons and “hairs on fire”.. Hahaha.


As it approached 4.30pm, Mama started whining so we all knew its Tea time! Shopping with the mother makes me fat! :(


We had tea break at Delifrance.. This cafe layout is slightly different from the other branches… Very nice! :)


Many many photosssss! I put group photos in the middle of the collage so I don’t overdose my narcissist face. LOL.


Pink xiaolongbaos????? So pretty!!! :)

Second: Tea Appreciation with the bestfriends!!!!


Took a photo of the MRT map just in case direction idiots us, lost our way…


We reached this quaint looking shophouse!!! ^^


Nice and spacious 3 stories of relaxing…… There is a minimum spending of $6 per pax but that limit was easily reached because we tried all the unique snacks and had 2 types of tea. A flower tea which tasted like medical ointment and an expensive chinese tea which was lovely! :)


Making of the xiangxiang chinese tea… The waiter didn’t teach us (they taught the angmos in the next table)! Lucky we are not uneducated noobs. :P

  1. Ask for the recommended tea leaves. We had “Oriental Beauty” or 东方美人.
  2. Scoop out a ladle-full of dried tea leaves and pour into ceramic tea pot.
  3. Fill with boiling hot water and simmer for half a minute.
  4. Pour into the largest tea set jug for cooling.
  5. Photobucket

  6. From the tea set jug, pour into narrow cups for smelling.
  7. From the narrow cups, pour into the tea cups for DRINKING!
  8. Complement the tea with tea eggs, jelly desserts and cookies.. :)
  9. Photobucket

  10. Enjoy the afternoon with alot of good fun and laughter.
  11. Pay the bill lah duh?!


There were also alot of old primary school games like pick-up sticks or five stones.. I likeeee~ :)

After hanging out, I met up with Trixie to go home and she bought me snacks! The thing about my sisters is they ALWAYS get me things when they go out. Make me feel bad only.. Pooey!


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