Another day in my life…

January 20, 2010

Today was an explosive day for me. Literally. I blew up at pretty tiny issues, “just-kidding” comments and businesses totally not related to mine. Probably because I got a very troublesome mystery shopper review. It makes me really (and I mean REALLY) determined to only write positive reports on poor services. Its like I take the effort to scrutinise and get pissed off my lousy salespeople, write something full of emotions (perhaps a little biased because the person makes me feel like slapping someone) and then I get a shitload of questions about did he or she do this when you said blahblah and mind you, its a long list of did he or she do this or that. CMI!!! Argh, all for measly 10 euro which I would easily spend in 5 minutes of my ebay browsing. Rawh!

Even more sickening is that last month’s payment is later than I remember it should be. I got nail blingblings online to buy, it better come soon!!!!!

To whoever I threw tantrums at – although you probably also did something silly – I am sorry. By right, I should patiently trash out the issue with you and not been all harsh and direct. But only people who truly care don’t sugarcoat their frustration and they tell you their opinions as it is ya?


Anyway, been shopping for clothes with my family alot recently. Chinese New Year always means decked to the nines! :) love shopping, love clothes and love good food. Hahaha.. We seldom eat at foodcourts when we go out in a huge bunch because there never seem to be seats during hungry moments.


Checked out this new restaurant, Claypot Fun at Big Splash after seeing good reviews of it on the papers.


Food took ages to arrive because apparently they only cook it after you order for maximum freshness. So never go on a totally empty stomach! I nearly starved… Zzz!


To think I was mad hungry, the food was so-so only. Totally not up to my expectations which makes me wonder how come it got such a good rave. :( the papers told us to request chicken soup to be poured into the leftover claypot and the burnt rice would fall off making a very fragrant porridge. It was bad. And the soup costs money (which the journalist forgot to mention). Booboobooboo!!

Mama and I met up with Geraldine and her mama for lunch on one of the days… Brought mama to her virgin visit of 313@somerset.


We took free photos with Santa as part of their opening special. I just realised the 2 times I took the shot (both of seperate days) I got the same queue number! Look, can tell because my nails are of different colours – purple and pink with details! *i am easily entertained* :D


We settled on Marche so we can talk till the cows come home. Its nostalgic to think about the younger days where I hated meeting Geri because it means more swimming and self-defence classes. Hahaha…


Switzerland food… :) very adorable ambience.


The best parts were the rosti and mushroom soup. Yum~

Later, mama had to go run some errands so I shopped around town with Aunty Esther and Geraldine.


At 4pm, we stopped for tea break and some rest. The peking duck rolls at ION Orchard’s basement was nicey nice! :)


Oh ya, before I forget, I was very amused at the carparks at 313. After going the puke-inducing round-a-bouts up 7 storeys, we had problems finding parking spaces because there was only 2 levels of parking and many lots were “reserved” for stupid reasons like “CNG vehicles only”. Like seriously, how many eco-cars can there be?! -_-”


More silly things that occupy my everyday life! :) baby brother is sulking because he is tasked with the all-important job of shopping bags carrying. Hehehe.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I was born a little more perfect.
Okay, mood lifted. Tomorrow will be a better day… Smile and the world smiles with me!


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