I am a blessed girl….

January 22, 2010

……… most of the time.

Yesterday I visited the skin doctor… I have a 6 month plan to become a mega chiobu! LOL. Just kidding… The intention was to beg the doctor to use a magic wand to tap away the blemishes leaving baby soft skin in its wake but no pain no gain. The doctor took 2 test tubes of blood frm my arm! I nearly fainted when I saw the needle he had to get me to lie down. :(

Consultation and medicine left mama $300 poorer and because I just splurged on my hair and shopping that afternoon, mama went on her usual “you are biggest investment” pep talk. Bleahx! Doctor promises the results will be obvious in 10 days. Hmm, let me see if a specialist from Mount Elizabeth Hospital is more potent than all the doctors and facial palours I have seen so far.

Meanwhile, please don’t let the peeling be bad! Argh! Hate this part the most. :(

Dumdeedumdum~ am supposed to go meet the mother now but its raining! And the car is in the workshop so she can’t come back to pick me. Zzzz… My sister is not coming to Australia to do her student exchange anymore. Because her school is paying all fees and she only has to come up with living expenses, her heart is now set on somewhere further – California.

Mama: Looks like you girls can look forward to a flying there and settling your sister in.
Me: Wooo!!! Can we go Florida? Can weeee?
Mama: You have to take a plane you know?
Me: Anything for Disneyworld. :D

FYI, I hate flying. Its makes my stomach go funny and head hurt. :( :( :(

BUT ITS THE WORLD!!!!! NOT TEENY WEENY DISNEYLAND! Hahaha! I was so elated last night I had brilliant dreams of a little girl being told she is actually a princess. Lol. I even offered to not go Hong Kong (as promised by mama) for my graduation trip. To forsake a holiday for another just proves how excited I was about Floridaaa~

But I just found out the sister’s exchange trip is 3 months and not 6. So she would be back home even before I graduate. Damn it!


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