Gamer Girls!

January 24, 2010

Girls just love to have fun. :) shopping, doing nails and high-tea is not enough sometimes… So on 2 occassions a couple of weeks ago, we found ourselves having fun the childhood way! With computer and board games!! Although gone are the heart-to-heart bitchings, it was a whole lot more laughter!


First the clique and I headed down to newly-opened The Hangout at Dhoby Ghaut area for Xbox and Nintendo Wii games! :)

We practically knew nuts about the games and took awhile to warm up to the controls. In fact, chasing the staff for the free flow popcorn and drinks was more fun to start off with. :P


Eating and photo-time was also nice! :)


Battling it out with Street Fighter 4. Haha.. I suck at it! Grrr!


Then the clumsy DDR2 where it took 2 people per mat to “dance properly”.


Car Racing was cool! Alot of screaming and going in wrong directions here.. Bleahx!


As the night drew later, the outside stations were made available so we did not have to fight for the limited controls anymore. Those outside played with actual guitars and drums while we inside entertained ourselves with Sonic the Hedgehog’s Tennis. 


My Loves~~~

From left: Serene, Me, Suting, Huiyan, Wanyee and Jia Jin!!


Catch-up with poly girls for dinner just the other week…


Headed down to Mind’s Cafe after dinner for some games.


Played some really retarded games like guessing the words through acting (something like charades) or trying to make the others laugh by telling jokes in funny ahlian patterns. It was a blast! :)


Being business students, we playing the tedious game of Anti-Monopoly! Whose rules even the staff wasn’t clear about… LOL. I lost though.. Was down to my last dollar when Jess had thousands in cash and many properties to her name. Hmpf!!!


From left: Cairong, Serkee, Jess, Me, Cheeleng, Eileen

Me is tired. Me is going to orh orh now. Me wants to have sweet dreams. ^^


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