1 month to go…

January 26, 2010

In about a month, I would be on a plane back to Brisbane. I must be in denial because there still seem to be alot of time and Chinese New Year is not even here yet!! But just as the past 2 months just flashed by without me really noticing, my last 32 days in sunny Singapore will be gone before I realise it.

Home is still where the heart is. For the past 2 months, I missed nothing about 41/139 Macquarie Street. Okay, maybe I did occasionally think of my huge room and massive wardrobe space. Besides that, nadda! I wake up every morning here knowing my friends are just a phonecall away or that good laksa is just one bus ride down. When I feel the need for a massage or nice, indulgent tea, the mother is on 24 hr standby. Haha, perhaps not 24 hr but nearly there. Don’t get me started on having the luxury of a maid!

The first night, I was hungry, made myself a hot drink and left the empty cup in the sink. The next day arrived, I remembered the empty cup waiting in the sink and like clockwork, I climbed out of bed fully intending to wash it. Viola!! The cup disappeared! Then I went shopping. Bags of clothes cluttered my small room. Next day, all the new clothes somehow found their way into the washing machine, ironed and folded neatly in my shelf. Ahhh, how much I love the smell of detergent on my bedsheets! No more bi-monthly washing, hello fresh sheets weekly.

home is where the heart is Pictures, Images and Photos

The comforts of home-sweet-home is unparalleled. This time, my departure is no more a walk in the park. The excitement and thrill of being in a new territory have long since faded, and the mother is not coming along “to settle me in” like she did previously. I have to truely be independent for a whole year. Wash, clean, cook for 10 months to be exact. Before I graduate and come back for good.

God, it is starting to feel like a lifetime!

Mama is being all pampering by getting me everything I crave for and stocking my goodie bag to take back to Australia. Friends are making extra effort to meet me and accompany me to weird, out-of-reach places in Singapore just because “you are the priority now”. Though not the first time I heard that from a friend but its nice to hear it again and again and again. Wahahaha!

I really am grateful for the past 2 months and the upcoming month as well. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Leaving all these behind has made me more appreciative of it all. Pardon the long, draggy entry, like anyone bothers to read all those crap anyway. Haha…

Good night all! Its 4am in Australia now. :)


4 Responses to “1 month to go…”

  1. Melody Says:

    i read i read all that. haha =)
    let’s meet up soon ok.
    time really flies.

    • Joy Says:

      hahaha… its all just late night crapping ba. was lazy to go collage photos. lol. yeahhh, must meet up many many more times before i depart. sigh.

  2. xue Says:

    hahaha VERY TRUE! what you say is all true, all about your feelings after u come back to sg and appreciation towards pple ard you :D

    • Joy Says:

      its not just appreciating ba.. its like finding out who really cares and who just say say only. all part of growing up i guess.. starting to actually look forward to going back somehow, like new adventures, less pressure. mayb the people there dont know u so well then will hv less expectations.

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