So many thoughts, so little words…

January 28, 2010

Life can’t all be smooth-sailing.
You slow down at the bumps and learn how to avoid them.
But some bumps seem larger than others.
However you try to detour, its just there.

In family,
I do know I take more than I return.
I demand a habitual level of comfort and indulgence,
and I find it hard to show appreciation through actions.

In friendships,
I sometimes have to fight back this innate competitive streak.
Especially when new people come into their lives,
though I think I do quite a good job of hiding. :)

In relationships,
I have come to realise, I smother people.
I can’t draw the line between caring for someone
and stiffling him.

Its exhausting to be around me. How true.

Tonight, I really am looking forward to next month.
Where I don’t have to put so many people before myself.
To all of you, I am sorry.


2 Responses to “So many thoughts, so little words…”

  1. jiajin Says:

    love you la. don’t emo le k? *hugs*

    • Joy Says:

      my friend not free for butter leh.. :( but i still wanna go!!! lets plan another time either with serene or yilynn side? i promise to not let u attached ppl do sha si. hehe!

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