The Photographer’s Aide!

February 1, 2010

Started packing my Back-To-Australia luggage today… Bought some of the stuff I needed, still have a long list to go. But available space is filling up fast!! It appears that I am packing in my whole house AGAIN! I bet its the whole I have 40kg to use up mentality. :(

The past 2 trips (to and from Brisbane) I managed to overshoot my 40kg quota. Don’t ask me how!!! I really have no idea. Lucky though I managed to act cute my way through both times. Hahaha! Kind of feel like I am pushing my luck with the check-in people so I better make sure this time I stick to the allowed limit.

Today was spent running errands for my sister and once again, her cooler than cool projects seem to make me regret my university path.


Trixieee has a project requiring her to capture the differences in shutter speed. So my job was to throw marbles, ping pong balls and various other objects at varying heights so she could photograph them using funny functions in her film camera. Yeaps!!!! Going backwards into technology hur. :P


I am the photographer’s aide!!!!! Get to carry cool aparatus in my goofy slippers. Wahahaha!


Also have to indulge in her whims to add personality to her “art”…


So cute hor!!! Hahahaha… As she proudly shows me her previous work, I got very envious.. Its all so pretty and professional looking. No wonder she always sleep so late and spend heaps of money printing, re-printing and printing somemore.


I refused to go down to the grass… There were ants nest and mozzies flying around everywhere. Eek! Lousy assistant I am. Lol.


The boring part of course is the charting of the lens and whatever chim extra things she added… Me just like to take mei mei shots. :)


There were many awesome works she produced. On different kinds of paper, even sticker paper in one project and this mirrored cardboard in another project. She promised to design me a notebook to take back to Aussieland because she bought this binder machine that seals books together the old school way! Woots~


2 Responses to “The Photographer’s Aide!”

  1. Quirkz^ Says:

    Coooolzz… I like one too… Should ask Trix to have an album on FB to put all her quality shots. I like seeing pro-pretty photos… Pass along the news.. =)

    good job on sister-loving!

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