Out with the grandparents…

February 2, 2010

Chinese New Year is coming!!! But much as we are very excited about all the sales around the island, Mama insists we bring the grandparents out for a good meal, and shopping. Everyone should have something new to wear on at least the first two days to start off the year on a good note. :)

Two weeks ago, Trixie and I tagged along to town…

Mama: You girls want to eat Japanese at Raffles Hotel or Chinese food at My Humble House?

I chose My Humble House because a cheaper meal means more moolah for shopping right? Haha.. Boy, was I mistaken. My Humble House not humble one lor! Housed at the Esplanade, it is an artistic, contemporary Chinese restaurant. Very nice ambience though…


Cascading waterfalls greeted us as we entered the dim restaurant. Crossing a short wooden bridge (with the waterfall pouring on our right) we came to this brightly lit area with the coolest furniture ever!!!


Each table was designed differently! I loved the high-back chairs… They are as tall or even taller than an average person’s height making them the tallest-ever high-backed chairs I have ever seen. We didn’t sit there as we wanted a window seat facing the Singapore River. :)

Expectations was high… Afterall, “in April 2007, My Humble House Singapore was honoured with a 94th placing in The World’s 100 Best Restaurants List, published by the UK’s prestigious Restaurant magazine.” Hmm…


We ordered the lunch set meal and while waiting for the food to arrive we played with Trixie’s funny camera… :X


Drinking water from huge glasses makes me feel classy. Haha.. I am superficial this way. :P


Sensing that we were restless, the staff in their ultra sexy chiongsums served us fried tofu in wasabi mayonaise.


Soon after, the appetizers arrived. I was quite appalled to see the chive pancakes. I hate chives! But at Mama’s urging, I tried it and the chive taste was actually really good. Shocked everyone when I finished it. Hehehe…


Then came the Sharksfin, Fish Maw soup which I broke my vow and ate anyway. Its been 5 years (I think) since I had sharksfin… I figured my one person stand against shark killing wasn’t making much of an impact because my family orders it anyway and often fight over my bowl of untouched delicacy.. :(


Fried codfish with mango is yummylicious!!!!!!! Best part of the meal! :D


The other courses…. Mutton noodles wasn’t very well received by us but the pork ribs literally had melt-in-your-mouth fats. Love it!


Eat bao bao then go toilet release… Will not fat but such a waste of food! Haha.


After our toilet break, Por Por told me to take a photo of her with the signboard so she could show her friends.

After the photo, the waitress in her ultra sexy chiongsum imformed us that S.P.A.C.E was the more casual arm of My Humble House and that they are not the same. Then she escorted us to the actual signboard. So paiseh. :(


The correct signboard… Lol.

After a rather draggy lunch, we all went shopping in the Cityhall area because there is free parking!

The next day, Brian and I followed to Bugis area.


Had our lunch at Crystal Jade because I was craving for my favourite Xiao Long Baos!!!


Ordered all my favourite food!!!! And none of the brother’s meaty choices! Muahahaha! :P


Brought grandpa shopping after filling our tummies. He is so easy to shop for… He basically just tries everything we pick and agrees with our decision all the way. We got his clothes all from one shop unlike the fussy brother whose clothes took the whole afternoon. Haha..

Just a few days ago, Mama and I (I always follow because I am the only one who is super free at the moment) brought the other grandmother out. Ah Ma is less adventurous… She didn’t really respond as excitedly as the other grandmother about the prospect of shopping. :(

We ended up having high-tea buffet at the club. It was so cute seeing my Ah Ma get all high at the dessert selection.. I think she preferred all the cakes to the main course. :P she ended up looking quite tired so Mama just gave her money to buy her own clothes. I hope she did buy herself some clothes in the end.

No photos because stupid me brought the camera without the memory card. -_-“


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