Its the little things that matter the most…

February 5, 2010

Life in Singapore sure is good… Not perfect, but good enough. :)

Friends, family, food, alot alot alot of shopping, what is not to love??? Can’t believe my 3 months here is nearly up.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ :( :( :( school next semester will be a killer, 3 level 3 modules and an advanced Math class. So not looking forward to it…

For now, let me just bask in the warmth of friendship and family love.


One Monday weeks ago, I met up with my “cheer-me-up” girls for some girlfriend bonding… Decided to have a cheap dinner and splurge on hot chocolate at Max Brenner.


We all took different variations of the Hug Mug because it is comforting and cute to boot! :P it is designed without handles and meant to be cupped with both hands while chocolate is drunk from the sharper end.


Loving our hugs… :)


Chatted till the cafe closed before proceeding to Vivo’s rooftop garden armed with a picnic mat for some star gazing. Fabulous times with my favourite girls. :D

The next day was mother-daughter bonding time!! We went for a scrub, massage and facial session at Erabelle Prestige.


It sucks that the place is so so so pretty but I have to turn up without make-up (because of the facial treatment) and spoiling all the photos with my many blemishes. :( sigh, I am so insecure without my layer of powder… And of all days, I met Guo Cheng today. Darn! So much for trying to avoid familiar faces..


The first step was to get us dressed like princesses! Hahaha… Kimono robes complete with elaborate hair-dos.


While waiting for Mama to finish her hair, I took photos with the adjoining shower area which we will use to wash away the scrub and prepare for the massage.


Love my hair!!!!! Like bee hive like that! Lol.. Mama got her own personalised towels while I used daddy’s. Considering I visit them more often then daddy does, I should get my own towels too! Pfft!


After ensuring we are prim and proper, the very attentive staff (like got personal maid like that… I likeeee!) guided us to another area where we could have a foot rub while enjoying a garden view. The view actually belongs to the neighbouring condominium – play cheat one! Haha.


After the foot pampering, we were escorted to a tatami room for a break.


We were given quality green tea and asked to choose our massage oils (I took the anti-cellulite one) and other miscelleneous things.


First we learnt some Japanese culture.

  1. The elder must sit where the light shines.
  2. One must admire her bowl’s painting first.
  3. When drinking, turn the bowl to face her partner so the partner can appreciate the painting too!
  4. Tea has to be completely drunk on the 3rd glurp.
  5. Must make “ahhhh” sound when finished.

Though this being my third time here, I still find myself very amused at the “ahhhh” part. Heh heh heh.

After the tea, we are brought back to the VIP room for the scrub, massage and facial (OUCH!!!)… No photos of that obviously. The whole process took about 4 hours after which my stomach was literally crying in hunger.


But they refused to feed me till I had my shower! Darn!


Was quite disappointed at the food because 本小姐 was still so hungry after that. :( but brownie points for pretty presentation.


All good things have to come to an end… Maybe if I manja mommy enough, I will probably go one more time before I head back to Aussieland. Yay! :)


The next morning, Mama brought me to settle my Macdonald hotcake’s craving… Of all outlets, we went back to Siglap Centre!!!! The place of fond childhood memories! :)

Today, we went back to that area again because Joo Chiat is full of good food. Went pass the old house, the primary school, the Marine Parade library, all of which made me super nostalgic. East Coast will always be closer to my heart, more than Tampines will ever be. Over there, everybody knew everybody, the neighbourhood is just so bustling with life and so so so different.

This is such an abrupt ending. Oh wells, time to spring clean my room. Bye bye!


2 Responses to “Its the little things that matter the most…”

  1. xue Says:

    Hey gal, is that the facial place that you told me you always go there for facial?
    look great but it it expensive?

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