Incoming: the year of the tiger

February 13, 2010


Today, we bid farewell to the year of the cow. It has been a year full of experience…

I turned 21, fully legal as an adult.
I passed driving.
I bought my first branded bag.
I started minor investments with various banks.
I went abroad to undertake higher education.
I am now closer to the future I have always dreamed of.

This year, its the year of the tiger. Dragon girl, me, will not back down! Full-steam ahead… *choo-choo* :)


Earlier last week, Mama and I went to Chinatown to pay the deposit for our Chinese New Year dinner as well as roam the colourful streets. Its only this time of the year that I appreciate my roots and soak up in all the joyful festivities!


I also played a huge role in deciding the decorations for this year… Red red red, to usher in the new year on an auspicious note!


From nice nice wordings to cherry blossoms to signify growth and many fruits for a fruitful 2010…


The usual stockpile of goodies to tide through 15 days of the Lunar New Year in abundance.


I also chose some non-conventional Japanese snacks from ION Orchard because Mama is in a very pampering mood recently. :P

Actually, most of the stuff are gifts from friends, relatives and neighbours under the custom of 送礼. There was this mad rush to reciprocate such gestures on the last few days as our usual shops were running low on yummies. :(

At last, the day we have been preparing for. The new clothes are washed and hanging out, our hair, nails, whatever nots are perfect! Alas, we forgot the poor baby sister. She was so busy with her exams she has nothing prepared! Eeek! Poor dear. :(

Big sister to the rescue!!!!!! Settled her wardrobe department and her nails – nothing I could do with her hair though.


My new Ebay splurges found themselves put to use. :) :) :) it was hard work making her short nails look “oriental” but she seems pleased. Yay! :)


Mine is actually much simpler than Alisa’s because my left hand is horrid at detailed stuff like these. Pooey~


ANNNND, DADDY SURPRISED US!!!! Coming back 1 week early and in time for reunion dinner! :)

I was quite upset at him over the weekend for forcing me to produce my duty-free wishlist at such short notice. Little did I know he was coming back in a day and not a week! Hahaha.. Liar liar pants on fire! Anyhow, my family will be ushering in the new year together, its the best start I could ask for.


Got to go tuck into the huge steamboat pot now…. Ciao~


One Response to “Incoming: the year of the tiger”

  1. We had some of these at lunch with my parents today. My white boy Hubs even likes it! Happy Viet New Year!

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