Why I mystery shop so much…

February 13, 2010

Bahhhhh!!!! Type the stoopid mystery shopper report until finish then my internet decide to protest against long usage and log me out! This is the countless time this thing as happened and I am damn pissed off! :(

It must be the lack of shoppers during this CNY period that suddenly everything I apply for, I get. Not that its a bad thing because I need to stock up my make-up supply and Paypal account. But at one shot, all the reports are killing me. Plus, I keep confusing the salespeople up.

Yesterday alone, I did 3 shops. That is in addition to the 1 shop I did earlier in the week and the 3 more I have due by the end of this week. So imagine my dismay when one decent review (taking about 30 minutes to compose) is just wiped out by a computer glitch?!

Anyway, because Mama’s phone crashed and I had to run errands with her, I did my tasks with the luxury of a car. I so super love my go-all-out-to-please-me-mother. :D


Who takes me to the most authentic of the Killiney Kopitiam franchise, the original shop where it all started! :)

Annnnd, I met Zest for movie too. I tried to be stronger this time. :) insisting on going dutch (its so liberating to say “I don’t want to owe you”) and going home myself after. We can be friends who don’t hurt each other, I know we can.

So because I had the disposal of the car, I finished ahead of time and sat at a nice coffee house facing the Singapore River while waiting for him to finish work.


Its so nice just to people-watch with a glass of Iced Mocha and light jazzy music playing in the background.


Was very free and started to play with camera modes.


In the hustle and bustle of city life, its always good to find some time to indulge yourself and reflect on what you have accomplished so far. Recognise what you did not so good and how you can improve from there. That 2 hours was a very fruitful wait.


Finally we could go fill our hungry stomachs. Settled for fast food and I got a little crazy… That is the thing about best friends right? You know they have seen the worse of you; that such random insanity is not going to be judged.

Anyway, we caught a movie!


Its da bomb! :) been watching quite a few shows lately…

Old Dogs is funny but in a forget after you leave theater sort of way.
Tooth Fairy is okayyy because the little girl is darn cute but really, The Rock is better off half naked as a wrestler than a mytical creature in pastel-coloured tu-tus.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus had me in great anticipation but sucked through and through.

So finally, a nice show with a storyline you could discuss over supper after. :) maybe I would go buy the book?

Oh ya, why am I so eager to bump up my Paypal?


Because, I am so hopelessly addicted to Ebay.

Amassed this whole pile over the last week when I stayed mostly at home because I blew my allowance again. :( I still have 2 more bottles of OPI and another 2 trays of shiny blings due next week. Hohoho~


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