New year, new clothes.

February 15, 2010

Time sure passes fast when one is busy… The past two days has been packed! With daddy’s surprise coming home, we are visiting much more places than usual. Also with his coming home, the car is packed. 6 people in a 5 seater is a nightmare.

Although I am the oldest, the young ones have decided that I am smallest (in height probably) and therefore wedged in the most uncomfortable position – the middle seat. Mind you, 2 of us (usually Alisa and me) are wedged in the middle only she is taller so she will block the rear mirror and therefore gets to lean back which leaves me with the worse end of the stick. :(


The past year was also filled with many cousins getting married which means this year’s “intake” is substantially more. Yay for me. :) this morning we went to a traditional Cantonese household where I got 2 red packets for every one my sisters get. Apparently its some weird tradition that the oldest and youngest in the family gets stuff in pairs. Yay for me again. :)


Nice to catch up with the relatives although small talk leave me very frustrated sometimes, I am still glad to still have grandparents hold everyone together.


2 Responses to “New year, new clothes.”

  1. Quirkz^ Says:

    Ooooo… I like your bag. Nice~!

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