Reporting live from the streets of Brisbane.

March 1, 2010

Its been a full 24 hours since I touched down on Brissy soil. The weather is hotter than I remember it to be and the welcome home was not so comforting as I had a spiltting headache and a tremendous urge to puke. I hate aeroplanes. :(

Shared a maxicab home with the girls and fell straight asleep on my dusty bed. Room is filling up fast as clothes spill out from my luggage cases and the wardrobe. But it still doesn’t feel like home.

Will be going shopping for some of the things I forgot to bring later. It sucks that shops close at 5pm… Everything is so rush rush! :(

Note to self: Remember the time here is 2 hours ahead so stop calling people back home at 6am in the morning. :(

I miss being home.


4 Responses to “Reporting live from the streets of Brisbane.”

  1. bee Says:

    Miss having u back here too!! Really sorry wasn’t able to make it to the airport. Looking forward to your next return!!! =DD

    • Joy Says:

      haha its okay dear! :) yups one yr will pass so fast before we even realise it! sure hope i will be back for xmas or new yr’s eve at least. hehe! good luck for ur exams!:)

  2. xue Says:

    hey gal,
    haha i slept for 1 whole then wake up feeling very lost when i was back.. the feeling sucks cos its like suddenly so quiet.. but then iam alright after couple of days when i start to go for interview for my research project that not to worry everything will be back on track!
    and after 1 year u are there, u start to feel lost when ya back.. haha
    anyway, did you gals cry on the plane?

    • Joy Says:

      haha i was too busy trying NOT to puke to remember to cry. haha.. hate having motion sickness. :( :(

      hmm, my room still looks like a warzone but at least i have gotten around to hanging my clothes back in the wardrobe and we have finally gone to woolies to stock up on groceries. btw, coles at hawken closed down! its foodworks now… lots of things have changed in this 3 mths there are new shops in the city, totally new canteen in sch complete with a BOOST bar! my ultimate fav! ^^

      we missed market day though so the plan to sign on more ccas and meet more people has just flown out of the window. :(

      still missing sunny singapore, its all blue and rainy here!!! sobssss…

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