Just to say…..

March 5, 2010

Back to prove I am not dead yet. Haha.. The mood to blog isn’t really with me because I left my pretty pink computer mouse back in Singapore and its a chore to edit photos on my trackpad. Actually its a chore to do anything with a trackpad. Hope the mouse I ordered via ebay will arrive soon! :)

Been more or less in a floaty state since I returned but am finally trying to get my life on track. Sorted out the wardrobe, printed and colour coded my notes, spent a bomb on groceries, spent a huger bomb on textbooks. Yeah, that is about it.

Welcome to my world.


4 Responses to “Just to say…..”

  1. xue Says:

    OMG Hawken coles closed down? So sad :( i always go for a walk to that coles when iam sad or bored.. its like my fav shopping place :( i guess they dun earn much ba since all the students always wait for price deduction or clear stock day..
    aw UQ finally get the pt that the students need better and more food! when is the carteen located?
    i heard the food still sucks other than pizza place.. hahaha
    aw, hows the new sch sem? make more frens ;)

    • Joy Says:

      haha now is foodworks… when they hv offer they are actually even cheaper than coles and woolies but when no offer, its more expensive. haha! so must be selective. :) and hor, even when coles hv price reductions, i dont believe they lose money.. i think they just earn less only. :(

      the canteen is allocated opp schonell theater lor.. v v v big and new but expensive. :(

      i havent tried the pizza place yet though, shld try soon. this sch sem v xiong and i got no fixed classes so quite hard to make friends. haiii! :(

  2. mz Says:

    gd to hear from ya.. :)

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