Life here ain’t a bed of roses.

March 10, 2010

Hmmm still no pictures because the mouse have not yet arrived. Its so difficult to do so many things, I even sort of gave up on my game. :( anyway, lots of stuff happened recently, with the start of school and getting used to not being a bum anymore.

Basically, I forsee this semester to be a crazy one with 3 level 3 modules (my specialization so very very heavy material) and of all subjects I took Econometrics for my fourth module. Seems so stupid because Math and me just don’t click and yet here I am sitting in the same lecture theater as postgrad students doing Calculus. Kind of feel I have bitten off more than I can chew.

Despite crashing the workload into a short 3 day week (yippee!) I find myself really tired after each day. And this is only just the beginning. That is the problem with so many credit exemptions, you tackle the advance stuff wayyyy before you are prepped to do so.

Been catching quite a few movies the past week because it is the cheapest form of entertainment. Really hope to be able to clear all the photos of memories back home plus the cool bits of Brisbane by next week. Then I promise to get my mind, body and soul well-trained for the April mid-semesters.

One consolation, holiday trips!!!! I think I am really lucky that my mother spoils me in a tiny way. Although, I ain’t living like a princess here, my allowance has been able to stretch to include an occassional retail therapy or getaway vacation.

Come June/July, Alvin thinks we should rent a car and visit the islands – Fraser, Moreton and Byron Bay!!! :) followed by home-sweet-home for about 2 weeks then I am off to New Zealand with my girls! :):):)

Motivation, motivation, please find me!


Just something funny. :) casually mentioned to Cheeleng that my house rice bin have angbao, she then told Alvin who somehow managed to conjour up a red packet. :P its all the little, small things that make an apartment, a home.

Shall go thank my lucky stars.


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