Leaving Singapore behind…

March 12, 2010

I have to decided to upload some photos using the disgustingly difficult to manoeuvre trackpad because the lack of updates have made me really lazy.

To the extent I seldom bring the camera out anymore. Its like what is the point of photos when I don’t do anything about them after. In fact, it took friends to actually notice I no longer stop them from eating before photographing the food to slap me awake.

I like taking photos. Although not in a professional way, I would still like an awesome camera and pretty subjects to capture. So I went camera hunting…. Somehow digital cameras just seem lacking nowadays. Poo! :( DSLR’s creates fantastic shots but they are so so so ugly! Shall settle for semi-pro I guess?

lumix lx3 Pictures, Images and Photos

My current top consideration, Lumix LX3… Retailing at about SGD700? Quite cheap considering its quality in small size. Heh!

Below are photos of my airport send-off on the midnight of 27th February. My eyes are TINY in practically every shot because I woke up at 7am that morning to rush my packing and bake a batch of “thank you” cookies for the people who turned up.


I really intended to bake cupcakes but in my morning sotong-ness, I referred to the wrong recipe. So it turned out fat cookies or flat cupcakes. Either way, it looked funny as cookies are not meant to be in baking cups. :( but its still the thought that counts right???


Although my flight was from terminal 3, we took the skytrain over to terminal 2 for my favourite Japanese dinner… Would have preferred more authentic Japanese though. Haha.


Was disturbing the brother over some girls when I suddenly grabbed his phone (probably to see who he was texting) and I saw his wallpaper! OMG! I nearly melted… :) although I looked fugly, it was still US staring back at me from his phone. :) :) :)


Headed back to the correct terminal and finding a seat at Coffee Club while waiting for the time to pass. The coffee was BAAAAD! Didn’t even warrant a photo.. Okay, no photos were mainly because my friends started arriving and my family is not the type to photograph stuff before consumption. :P


Unwrapped my cookies/cupcakes and presented each of my lovely family a snack with their own initials!


Arranging the cookies on a plate (I even brought paper plates! Alot of effort lor!) for my friends.


Felt so bad they came with gifts. :( lucky I prepared something for them too… 2 cups of bubble tea, snacks, adorable hellokitty favourites and bling bling items. Love you guys X10000!



Last but not least, my family. :) without whom, I would not have all I have today. I really appreciate all of you! From the handmade set of notebooks Trixie rushed out for me, to the unlimited love and laughter the younger ones never fail to bring me, and Ma and Pa who provided the opportunities to improve myself, in every way possible hoping to give me an edge over the competition. I am utterly grateful.

Some nights, I feel I don’t deserve this type of luck. I didn’t study, I rolled my eyes when my parents nagged the importance of that holy paper. I argued and I was rude so many many times.

Thinking back…… (Warning: its going to be boringggg from here!)

I barely scrapped through my promo years in JC till Mama was called down to the principal’s office (I was deemed highly-likely to not make it at the A-levels) expecting a huge trashing, she stood up for me when my tutor said “in junior college, Joy should not expect a social life. In fact, she should lead a negative social life.” Mama told her straight in her face that her daughter deserved a more balanced environment. Pulling me out of school and going to great pains to find an institution to accept me.

The embarassment of leaving school only lasted all of one year and then I started bumming around once more. I was told it was tough for polytechnic graduates to make it into any of the 3 local universities. I was told the competition would be intense. I didn’t care.

At the end of 3 years, I was stuck. My grades were above average but that did not matter. It was still not good enough to enrol in NTU (my dream school). Again, my parents were supportive. I didn’t get the “I told you so” which I totally deserved.

At that time, Mama was undertaking her own degree at UniSIM. It would have been perfectly understandable if she just pushed me into studying with her too. Afterall there is no bias against private education in my family.

Instead, she sat me down and asked me where I intended to go from here. Truth to be told, I was totally unmotivated to study anymore. To me, it was the Big 3 or the working world. She knew it. But at the same time, she knew I had to get that bloody certificate now or I would never head back to school after entering the workforce. I just don’t have that sort of drive and discipline.

So came the offer to go abroad. The thrill of adventure changed my mind about the chore of further education. Plus the fact that generous credit exemptions could get me out of school in under 2 years was too big a draw for me to let go off. So here I am.

I think I am lucky for the breaks I have gotten. And although I complain and compare alot, beneath it all, I appreciate you, Ma.

For the many times you have saved me and for the hardship you put yourself through just so you can provide the best for me, Thank You.


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  1. xue Says:

    so sweet gal :D

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