Grocery shopping and cooking at its best. :P

March 15, 2010

Felt the sudden urge to blog. Teehee~

Woke up really early on Saturday for grocery shopping at West End Market. It was so bustling with music, cute dogs, colourful vegetables, and girls in flouncy sundresses. :) :) :)

Again, I forgot the camera…. Which made me really disappointed when we stopped for breakfast of German sausages with caramelised onions, freshly squeezed lemonade, Singapore-styled curry puff under open brollies with dogs lazing around on open grass.

Came home and cooked my fresh produce. :D


It was a tad spicy as the fat, stumpy chilli (I thought was undergrown normal chillies) turned out to be fat chilli padis. But the generous heaps of garlic and my favourite prawns made me more satisfied. Although Italian pasta should not come with egg, lets just call this aglio olio ala hokkien mee! ^^


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