A black and white affair!

March 17, 2010

I think I should be applauded!!! I am so hardworking in updating this space of late. :)


Today, I woke up to Hui Ping’s seafood Pad Thai and a gift – MY ULTRA ADORABLE HELLO KITTY MOUSE!!! The USB wire from my new computer mouse is my favourite shade of baby pink too. Love it!

Another thing I love is weddings! When you see the new couple all smiley and literally glowing with happiness, one can’t help but feel loved too.

This wedding I attended over the holidays was unlike the usual ones with giggly bridesmaids all fighting to be the main saboteur. Primary reason being my uncle (mummy’s cousin) and his wife are an older couple.With age comes financial stability, their first home is a condominum (beside mine, so we are neighbours too!) and their wedding dinner with a very splashy menu was held at in my opinion, the grandest of all hotels. :D


As daddy is away, I got to be Mama’s chaperon that night…


I decided to go with a monochrome theme of black and white. Down to my accessories, shoes and cashmere shawl.. Haha. This outfit was meant to be for my Chinese New Year Day 1 and set me back over $100 so imagine my disappointment when my grandmother rejected the idea of inauspicious colours in her home. :(

Lucky the chance came for me to wear the planned outfit in a more suitable environment.


On the car going for dinner. :) did anyone else notice the big glittery 春 word on the Flyer?


Arrived at The Fullerton Hotel.


First stop was the washroom to straighten up our hair and touch up our powder before meeting our relatives.


Among our relatives is my favourite baby of the year. I just love kids this age, old enough to play with but yet not old enough to get all annoyingly talkative. Best of all, Eekean NEVER cries! I suppose with looks like this, everyone just gives in to him so there really isn’t a need to cry. :P

And yes, that is an Iphone he is playing with. Kids start learning young nowadays… Tsk!

After standing around have cocktails, shockingly-big fresh scallops and finger food, we were ushered into the ballroom for the ceremony.


The flower arrangement with crystal beads, scattered rose petals and door gifts was so mad pretty I must have taken a hundred shots!


There was ample time to inspect every piece of decoration on the table and awe at the main table (biggest round table I have seen!!!) 20 immediate family members could fit on that table with ease.


Alot of time for photos as well… That is the problem with wedding dinners and late guests hur? The punctual people end up waiting a good hour at least.


Ogling at the cute antics of children does help make the time pass faster though. :)


At last, with showers of sparkly confetti, the Bride and Groom make their grand and anticipated entrance.

I must say at 30 years old, the bride has an amazing figure! Her gown was totally see through with vital bits covered by strategically placed crystals. No wonder they say a woman on her special day is the prettiest around.

After the short and sweet thank you speech, the lengthy yumseng and champagne pouring session, it was time to tuck in.


Hot and Cold Combination

Roasted Suckling Pig, Deep-fried Shrimp Paste Ball stuffed with Foie Gras in Red Wine Sauce, Crispy Prawn in Wasabi Mayonnaise and Mango Salsa, Fresh Scallops with Tropical Fruits, Poached Chicken Leg with Ham in Superior Sauce.


Double Happiness Braised Sharksfin with Fish Maw and Dried Scallops


Honey Oven-baked Atlantic Cod


Braised Abalone with Shimeji Mushroom and Green Vegetables


Roasted Duck with Dang Gui and Chinese Hua Diao Wine


Wok-fried Scallop with Asparagus and Macadamia Nut in X.O Sauce


Eight Treasures Fried Rice with Foie Gras wrapped in Lotus Leaf


Warm Yam Puree with Pumpkin, Gingko Nuts and Pandan Sago in Coconut Milk

Hungry yet???


Yay, we have just successfully booked our flight and hotels in Christchurch, New Zealand for the July holidays. We will be twin-sharing in a 5-star hotel!!!!!!!!! This means comfy beds and we don’t even have to queue up for toilet! So happy~

Thank you Mama for supporting me when I mentioned this trip to you. I will eat out and shop less this semester to save up my allowance. :) shall now go listen to lecture recordings as I was too engrossed competiting with Han Hui who could munch Pocky the noisest during class just now. Oops!


2 Responses to “A black and white affair!”

  1. xue Says:

    woah fullerton is cool! muz be really exp?

    • Joy Says:

      it was so pretty!!! i want to get married here too! :) i think its ex but how ex i not sure coz also not my wedding… heh, but that uncle abt 40 then got married so of course must hong1 hong1 lie4 lie4! haha.

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