101 Cooking for Dummies

March 20, 2010

Ever wondered why
its always takes the person who makes you cry,
to put the happy back in your smile?

This long-distance thing sucks balls.
I want to be home.

At least there is the maid to put food on the table and wash-up after I create a mess.


Was feeling sickly this afternoon and remembering what Geri said about small portions at night, I cooked myself porridge with beansprouts (that has turned yellow and soggy) and ketchup with garlic prawns. I had to eat the beansprouts because they looked positively icky and would probably rot in the next few days. The prawns too. Had to swallow 30 prawns when I wasn’t even in a seafood mood. :(

And ya, here down under, my meals are always queer… Anything edible I can find goes into the pot. Mama was pretty horrified at my beansprout porridge. Zest thinks ketchup prawns with anything other than white rice is weird too.

At least I am not succumbing to instant paradise as I did last semester!!! Argh, so stop commenting on my “anything goes” cooking techniques.


Having a headache doesn’t help when you are chopping garlic with a huge meat cleaver. We only have two knives – the butter knife and the gigantic chopper. Haha.

Accidents happen. Thank goodness for my nail or it would be my flesh and blood among the chopped garlic. Eek!


The nails I laboured on for an hour (my left hand is absolutely horrid at tiny details like this) before the tragedy happened.

Most of the time, I am a flower and butterfly type of girl. But the fruity nails I did for my sister over the Chinese New Year holidays got alot of “oh so cute” remarks. I want to be “oh so cute” too!!!! Bwahhh~


2 Responses to “101 Cooking for Dummies”

  1. xue Says:

    omg get a new knife gal!

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