The irks of living alone… (or without my maid)

March 21, 2010

Was just keeping up with my daily dose of Singapore News when I came across an interesting Adecco survey conducted on children between the ages 7-14.

One of the answers that left me very amused was…..

If you became Prime Minister of Singapore, what are the first three things you would do?

– Give a ‘thank you’ speech
– Upgrade computers in schools
– Build more theme parks
– Ensure that everyone has a job
– Make more peanut butter factories
– Ensure that each child is given a game console
– Kill all insects
– Ban exams
– Buy a super big white house!

Hahaha… Although heartening to see answers like “ensure everyone has a job”, I found the others so naive and innocent I couldn’t help smiling to myself. PEANUT BUTTER FACTORIES?!?! Lol. This got me thinking to when I was younger and a teacher asked me if I could make changes to Singapore, what would I do?

I drew her a transparent half globe designed to cup over our whole island so we can be fully air-conditioned all year round. And there wouldn’t even be rain as it would all pitter-patter upon the glass globe high above me. :) just fyi, I hated walking in the rain (muddy floors) and I loved looking at rain through the windows and watching people fall down outside. WAKAKAKA! So it was a win-win situation. :P

Further education kills creativity. Hmpf!

Anyway, the main point of this entry is I am getting so lazy I am starting to scare myself!!!


Breakfast????? NO! I was too lazy to even boil water for instant noodles I had cornflakes and kaya bread for dinner. -_-


I later got so hungry I had to bake myself a dozen banana muffins that tastes better than they look. :P


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