Movie Nights @ South Bank

March 25, 2010

At the start of this month, we went crazy with the release of Alice in Wonderland… Spent the week before talking about it and on the first weekend, despite the heavy rain, we trooped down to Southbank with excited anticipation. :)

To our dismay when we reached just after lunch, all the seats till the 9pm screening was sold out!!!!!!!! It was raining and the place we were at was only good for fine dining and movies so we settled for love story, Dear John. Still, the movie was a good 3 hour wait and it was raining so walking to the City was not an option.


Headed for some sweet treats to idle the time away with girly banter and a whole lot of tabloid magazines.


The cupcakes were amazingly pretty I couldn’t bear to eat it before taking shots of it in all angles. Haha.


Pity the rest just had lunch at the stadium so we couldn’t try a variety of flavours… :(

Dear John Pictures, Images and Photos

This show was good in a cry alot and “why like that” type of way… Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum looked so good together! I also want a man-man boyfriend like John. Heh heh!

Dear John 2010 Pictures, Images and Photos

Story revolved around a college student and her soldier boyfriend faraway at war. Every few months they would get to meet but each meeting only makes it worse because there is yet another good bye. I loved the way he always looks so pained when its time to leave and when he holds her so tight. Kept crying during these parts though. :(

dear john 2010 Pictures, Images and Photos

They kept in touch mainly by snail mail in which they look forward to with such happiness. Such old fashioned love. :)

Dear John Pictures, Images and Photos

Like with all sob stories, shit happens and they get seperated but years later, they met again and its a happy ending. I only like shows with happy ending. :D


Watched it in one of the very few cinemas in the world with a 25m screen! The curtains will slide back when the movie starts just like those live performances… Hahaha.

A week later, we were smarter and booked our tickets online.


I really watched this show because of Johnny Depp and was praying hard it wouldn’t disappoint just like The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus did. Afterall, it is a Tim Burton film and I am not a huge fan of dark humour.

Took me awhile to realise how come I knew the Red Queen’s soldiers were poker cards and the White Queen had chess pieces before even watching the movie… Childhood memories! :)

Something interesting I chanced upon. The first Alice in Wonderland movie!!! For something made more than 100 years ago, I must say its pretty good.


After the movie, we were really hungry and decided to pamper ourselves with sushi at A$4 onwards per plate. I swear, I am never going to complain about ION Orchard’s foodcourt prices ever!


Hanhui was so happy she found her paddle pop icecream she didn’t mind eating it in the cold.


Our 3D glasses!!! Must take care of them and the next time we watch a 3D movie, we would have $1 discount off the ticket price. :) :) but I still am not a fan of giddy 3D graphics and having to pay inflated prices just makes the whole deal even more sucky for me.


Made a new discovery near the toilets, A BABY NAPPY CHANGING ROOM!!! :) girls do what girls do, we heaped our school bags on the shelf and started……………………………………………….


To camwhore! Lucky we shoo-ed Seth home or he would be so bored by our antics. He even feel asleep in the cinema. Poor boy.


The nappy-changing room was spacious enough and not smelly at all so we spent a long time in there.


Last shot of the day…………………..

white queen Pictures, Images and Photos

…. copy her signature hand movements! Look like anot?? :P


Leaving to the riverside for the ferry to take us home. Shiqi’s camera takes fabulous night shots, I am damn itchy to upgrade camera aleady lah!!! Argh~


2 Responses to “Movie Nights @ South Bank”

  1. xue Says:

    The cupcake is so pretty!
    is ginga sushi good? i only have noodles from there

    • Joy Says:

      ginga sushi is good!!! way better then sg sushi, by alot of times. but its pricey the cheapest plate is like $4 then go all the way to $7 a plate. when we watch movie and eat here just 3 plates plus drink can hit more than $20 le. somemore is aussie dollar. will heartpain one. :(

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