Quality over Quantity……. heh!

March 26, 2010

I have a fucking bad headache. :( and my stomach is grumbling! Feel like giving in to temptation and snacking on cookies. That will probably cure both the head and the tummy. No good no good.

Been reading up on the new Atkin’s Diet. Apparently it promises 12kg in 2 weeks. I highly doubt that.

Even if it works, it can’t be good to just drop kilos at such a rate. Anyway, Cheeleng and I have just enrolled for kickboxing classes! What a great way to meet hot guys achieve a slim ATHELETIC body. :) :) $57 for 6 weeks, cheap until I can’t stop smiling. :) :) :)

Just finished talking to my lao ma zi, she increased my credit card limit! But no UOB Visa Infinity for me (because daddy will get jealous.) Poo Poo Neh Neh lah!!!!! *sulks*

But fine then, I shall get this card based on my own merit then I can waltz into restaurants and let people have a second glance at me! *keke* supplementary cards just isn’t the same because when the salesperson look at me, I will look away very paiseh-ly because its like everybody knows I am spending beyond my means.

Omigoshhhhh! I just checked the application requirements! This card is invitation only for people with annual salary exceeding $350,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the time I can afford it, the latest thing would probably be yet another oh-so-exclusive card le lah!

The world is becoming a credit society or make that debt-ridden society. And I am a materialistic girl.

Laaaaaaa, I am quite high now. Must be the headache. Good night world.


2 Responses to “Quality over Quantity……. heh!”

  1. narikodesu Says:

    Oh no, dont try the atkins diet! It’s super unhealthy!

    • Joy Says:

      even the new one?? ooh okok, i doubt i am THAT disciplined anyway. haha… got a blender today though, shall make my own meal replacements. muahahaha!

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