Out and about in Brisbane.

March 28, 2010


Century Egg Congee, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Char Kuey Teow each for less than $10. Love cheap cheap lunches at Sunnybank where of course we can do Asian grocery shopping. :D


On our way home, we decided to try out the newly opened Hazel Tea Shop. The bubble tea here is slightly more expensive then rePit or Easyway but I think its nicer. :) there have such cute combinations but at $6 a cup I rather have fresh smoothies at BOOST.


After school one Friday, Cheeleng and I met up with Shi Qi for lunch at Hawken. We all had the Vietnam crispy chicken which is seriously one of the best fried chicken wings I have ever tasted!


After lunch, I headed down to the city for tea with childhood friend, Geri. :) she brought me to this cozy little teahouse, Tea Centre, which is something like Singapore’s TWG only cheaper.

We chatted for a long long time about anything and everything, especially since our topics could go way back to when we were little children. :D


Soon, it was time for dinner and we tried out Bubble Cafe Bar Dining one of the outdoor dining joints along Albert Street. I like people watching outdoors when the temperature is good and where there isn’t smokers around. :P since Friday is a City late-night, it was quiet in a bustling sort of way. I suppose if it was any other day where the shops closed at 5pm, it would be not quite so entertaining.


We shared a serving of Surf and Turf, 2 grilled king prawns and a medium rare steak served on a bed of fries.


So there was space for dessert!!!! :D Geri’s chocolate cake with ice-cream…


And my warm apple pie, also with ice-cream. :)


The dearie even baked me cookies!!!!!! Yums~


Some time again last week, the girls and I decided to dine at Bubbles again. Because I really wanted to try the strawberry cake I saw the last time, but it was unavailable that day! Argh. :(


As it was early and there wasn’t much to do, Cheeleng and I accompanied Shi Qi home. Can’t believe after one whole semester of knowing Huiping, we haven’t even visited her house! So off we went………..

Tall tall, bumpy hill so commonly found in the Brisbane suburbs. If I climbed this every single day, I bet I would have killer legs by the time I graduate. Hehehe.


Hung around in their house (Shi Qi and Huiping are housemates) reading junk mail catalogues while Huiping whipped up her speciality really gave me the feeling of home.


Yesterday! Met up with Hanhui for grocery shopping at Toowong. I seem to keep going to buy vegetables like a good girl. Mama will be so proud. ^^ as part of my keep fit dream, I bought a new toy – A BLENDER!!! Shall attempt to make my own breakfast replacements and healthy juices.

After picking up some necessities and making a mental note on some of the heavier stuff I need to order online, we stopped for dinner at Laksa Hut for the most authentic Chinese food I have had in a long long time. The claypot rice here is da bomb!

We are spoilt. So very very spoilt. Took a cab home because the trolley return point was just in front of the taxi queue and well, it called out to us. Hahaha…

Because we took the easy way out, we reached home in time to catch Alice in Wonderland, Australia version on Channel 7. It was B.O.R.I.N.G!  So we switched the television off an hour into the movie, just in time for Earth Hour!

Earth Hour 2010 Pictures, Images and Photos

Was googling about this worldwide event when I found this horrible horrible person in Malaysia who apparently sued WWF for causing his company loses. Read it (here). WHAT A SELFISH MORON!

Anyway, Unit 41 shut down our electricity for that one hour, grabbed our torchlights and took a night walk around school.

Its kind of creepy to see the school basking only in the low orange glow of the street lamps and when old buildings like Harley Teake was in total blackness with only one row of classrooms in the Central wing very brightly litted up, our imaginations went wild!

Afterall, I heard before that if the supernatural spook the corridors, the cleaners are not allowed to off the lights from that particular corridor! Eek! Just for the kick of it, we attempted to enter the building but all entrances including the “secret” one that seniors told us about were LOCKED! So there can’t be anyone doing experiments I suppose? *chills running down my spine*


At 9.30 when we so-called reduced our share of carbon footprint on Mother Earth, we sat by the Bioscience Library gossiping and playing cards. What a nice end to the day! :)


This afternoon, as usual my household was still fast asleep, I had the strongest craving for Western food ever! So out came potatoes to be roasted and Terriyaki Chicken to be BBQed. Cheese and thick layers of butter on my baby potatoes taste so so so good! :D


2 Responses to “Out and about in Brisbane.”

  1. jiajin Says:

    Your posts never fail to make me salivate. No good er you. Hhahahaa.

    AND! you cannot come celebrate my birthday! Double OFFENCE!!! HMPH.

    • Joy Says:

      haha, u fly come here i will bring u to eat good food AND celebrate ur bday with u! :) double good!!! ^^

      annnnd wanna go universal studios with the girls when i come back in july ma? i ask u first leh, see see u so impt!!!:D

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