A day in the unfortunate life of me.

April 9, 2010

This is bad bad bad, I am a total mess. :( and I don’t even know what to make of it. First was the forgetful washing machine incident. Fully loaded complete with soap powder and softener, fixed the settings but didn’t start the cycle! And to think I hung the cloths up to “dry” when they were not even washed!!! Such an overlook should never have happened.

I think I must be staying indoors too much till I get a little stupid. Really.

Today, came to school to study with Han Hui and we got ourselves Iced Mocha for company. For some reason, I believed I could hold the cup with my lunch and wallet and handphone and MP3 player in one hand while I used the other to adjust my hair. Spilled the drink all over myself while the others in the lift could only just stare. Especially one idiot of a guy who gave me that open-mouthed gaping look. What, never see people spill before ah?!

Nevermind that I haven’t even drank anything from that $4 cup, I spilled the stupid drink all over my brand new UQ jumper. Argh, it cost a whole $120!!!! The stains better wash off! :( I am cursed with white clothes, I seriously am.

Life ain’t going smoothly for me at all and I got into a teensy argument with someone very precious to me last night over my return to Singapore in July. A friend here has somehow succeeded in tempting me to want to buy a car. Can you believe it?! My air ticket home plus a couple of hundreds and I would own a bloody car!! I really don’t know what I want anymore.

Shall just let each day pass and pray I work things out soon.


5 Responses to “A day in the unfortunate life of me.”

  1. mz Says:

    have you even own the license? =) if not, why consider the option?

  2. mz Says:

    Sorry gal, I’ve forgotten. Now that you mention, I remember u saying sometime ago bout driving…

    But gal, from your next post, does it mean you’re coming back home in July? Yipee!!!! (But how bout Perth? I tot u going?)

    • Joy Says:

      haha yeah will be coming back in july… we backpacking australia for 1 wk aft the final exams then i go back singapore while my housemate go sydney or perth with the group (i went before so dont wanna go again) then i coming back from singapore on the 25th for 1 wk of new zealand before sch reopen.

      abit rush here and there but i really miss home and my daddy will be flying in from dubai so he hinted that he wanted to see me so come back lor.

      that is the current plan lah, haha if my backside itchy i may change my mind again coz the air tickets now is abt SGD1600 i heartpain coz the car here only 2000!!! what do you think ah?

    • Joy Says:

      oh ya meng, do you think i am a very impulsive person?? some of my friends think i only want the car coz 3 people i am close to here are getting cars. so my friends think i dont really want the car (coz i dont dare to park or drive far anyway) i am just excited coz its cheaper then in singapore and my parents allow.

      my housemate even thinks i will REGRET BUYING! v kuazhang.

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