Joy is a happy girl!

April 13, 2010

Finished the hardest paper today!!! It was such an adventure. :)

Was originally supposed to sit for it yesterday but chickened out and crashed another tutorial class today. As there wasn’t enough seats for the people meant to take it today, the tutor was all prepped to kick illegal people like me out. But there were 30 of us! Haha, yeah, that many.

So after alot of “talking things out” the school provided another classroom and we started the paper nearly 30 minutes late. Then came the lack of invigilators, question papers and whatever nots. But enough said, its done now. :)

Feels like a weight off my shoulders. One down, three more to go!!! After which is theme parks, surfing lessons at Gold Coast and kickboxing class! ^^

To put icing on my happy cake, the landlord has granted us a lease extension! No more headache moving and one less reason to buy a car. Nevermind, the rent hike, today on my way home from school, I saw newbie students gawking at our building.

They sound like Singaporeans struggling to cope with the cheap wood houses. HAHAHAHA! I was so instantly happy I came back home and starting doing my bedsheets as I hum tone-deaf tunes. :P


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