UQ’s Centenary Celebrations

April 18, 2010

I have one more paper to go but the holiday bug has caught me! :( really very unmotivated now… Been watching the drama serial, 下一站, 幸福, until I forgot to watch the fire and burnt my fried rice. Had to eat it anyway because there isn’t anything else to eat. FML.

Yesterday night, the neighbours got robbed. All the laptops gone! Harddisks and an assortment of electronic gadgets too. In Singapore, losing a laptop is a small issue but for international students, a laptop is their connection back to home. The feeling must have been totally horrid. :( :( :( and to think it happened in the midst of the exam week! What a bad timing.

Read what the poor victim had to say (here) and its his birthday today too. *poor thing*

This is not the first time I heard of break-ins in Manors. Really need to blame all those flashy Singaporeans and their darn sports cars and the landlords for the famously overpriced rent that cheapo Cheena students set their targets here. :(


Because our unit is considered high risk – first floor with garden entrance. We put in place our own robber-deterrence. Haha.

Okay just a short picture log before I continue with International Finance…

TODAY UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND TURNS A CENTURY OLD!!! :) gosh, my school is even older then my country! >.<

Headed down to join in the celebrations with the community cum family day hosted on school grounds (good to stay nearby for impromtu stuff like this).


Was greeted with live band performances, a myraid of colourful umbrellas scattered across the Great Court, pretty white tentage and flying purple flags. Not forgetting good weather too! ^^



Sat under one of the sunny umbrellas chatting with Han Hui and Kenji while waiting for my dear sleeping beauty to arrive. :P


She finally came and we set about on a tour around the school.


There was a great many number of bazaar booths selling anything and everything.


Got ourselves nice piping hot churros for $1. Cheap max!!!


It was so so so good! Could rival the memories I had of it as a kid in America. *bliss*


We were then entertained by many performances be it in the performing arts category or in the sporting arena.


Never been inside any of the UQ Museums because they always seem so cold and empty. But as today was bustling with guests, we took the opportunity to tour the Antique Museum, the Archaeology Museum and the more impressive Art Museum.

Although I ain’t no art buff, the 3D works and the thought-provoking paintings and descriptions (especially the collection on racism and sexual slavery) caught my eye.


There was also a portion on hands-on art where we enter a pit of corn as we viewed paintings of farmers, etc. New experience. :)

The History Museum was awesome too because they talking about Ozzy past, the aborigines and their colourful lifestyles.


Cheers UQ to 100 more successful years ahead!!!!

On a side note, Bim partner, Ann Jia Jin! Happy 22nd… Sorry I missed the beach party but just so you know, I thought you looked fab! Goody luck in your new job career!


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