Go away and leave me to sulk!

April 19, 2010

Bah!!! I am so cross with myself.

Melo coffee, boy chatter and “fortune telling” load of rubbish with the girlfriend was a blast. But boy chatter always leaves me very dreamy which is no good at all. Especially not with said guy!! Joy Joy have to snap out of this soon because its just all going to go downhill. I can feel it in my veins! Crap.

So much for my pledge to not go to school in home clothes and spectacles. Morning classes just isn’t good for dress-up. :( I hate Mondays.

Bahhhh! Utter bitch now. :(


3 Responses to “Go away and leave me to sulk!”

  1. narikodesu Says:

    Don’t fret, dear <3
    Tea time soon? Found another place to try!

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