Bye bye mid-semesters, hello well-deserved rest.

April 21, 2010

Its over!!!! Haha, half the semester has just flown by and I am so psyched for the upcoming activitiess we have planned. Woots~


Bye bye my “motivation” reminders… Lol. And the lovely custom-made calendar by Twix Twix just brightens my day. The 3 jumpy girls are us in Dubai btw. :)


Bye bye midnight microwavable nom-noms.


Bye bye forcefeeding HappyBunBun “healthy” desserts of blueberry yoghurt,


while pigging out on unhealthy ones myself. :P these are damn good okay! Lol.


Bye bye my stockpile of emergency sugar rush.


Bye bye jumping on the bed to keep myself awake. That, and 987654321 cups of coffee. :P


Bye bye bored, narcissist, camwhore, me. (Okay, maybe this cannot change. *muahahaha*)


We got an apple crumble pie and opened a bottle of wine to celebrate the sweet smell of freedom!!!! :)

Gold Coast themeparks on Friday, Botanical Garden picnic on Saturday, Kickboxing and surfing lessons next week. Joy Joy is a happy girl. :)

Oh, and Brother Booboohead’s protective instincts amuse me loads,

[i]The[/i][u][b]Ocillator[/b][/u]™ says:
Dun emo lah.
Why that boyfriend of yours dulan you again?
Ps forgot his name
I go bring my brother 们 go zham him
My brother 们 got 1.8m+ de
very buff de
But later his gang come we zao
That is NOT humji okay
Its called: “Valuing Life”

Stinky poopie!!!! You must be the only “gangster” to top your level’s history paper. I am so proud of you! If you are reading this, Jie loves you muchoooo~ Thanks for making me laugh when I am crying and for giving some people the most amusing names (eg. Momma is called ben3 lao3 tai4) hillarious max!

But I really need to check with Alisa on what Dunman High has been teaching you really. Hokkien expletives?! Argh, my baby brother is growing up too fast! :(

P/S (And no, favourite boy didn’t dulan me. And no again, favourite boy is not my boyfriend and will not be.)

Orh Orh Time!!! Good night peeps. :D


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