A day in the sun.

April 23, 2010

I didn’t know playing can be so so tiring! :P

Been rather self-reflecting recently… I realise I have inferiority issues especially among people who are practically perfect. Then someone told me, I should compare with not just the best, the pretty or the rich. Instead, I should look at the people who don’t have life so easy and then I would be content.

She even said I “生在福中不知福”.

To say the truth, I was outraged. But after the “denial” symptoms and counselling from favourite boy, I started to emo because I have been so blinded by how some people own sports cars, have daily shopping fixes, carry branded school bags and never have to wash a single dish, that I forgot I actually have much more then most ‘students on budget’.

I plan holidays with my girls every single break.
We drop hundreds on hotels (because backpacker motels really suck).
We choose the more expensive restaurant because the waiter is handsome.
I can fly home every school vacation on Singapore Airlines, no less.
Complaining about balancing exams and housework, Mama is flying over for my next paper.
Iced mocha, bubble tea, BOOST smoothies nearly daily.

Today the girlies and I all whacked AUD45 on bikinis (top part only can?!) because nobody wore noobish swimsuits like us at Wet and Wild and we simply felt out of place. My pocket still aches btw.

The little indulgences I afford myself can pay the whole week of groceries for another. And yet, I keep daydreaming over that new phone or that new game that a friend owns. No wonder when Mama gets really mad, she refers to herself as my personal ATM. I used to think she was just exaggerating. :(

Its high time I realise money doesn’t fall from the sky and I should be grateful because everything I have was given to me out of goodwill and its not my parent’s obligation to provide for me at the age of 22. Should really stop comparing because there really is no end to material wants.

Just ranting.


2 Responses to “A day in the sun.”

  1. mz Says:

    Nice to know that u have this tot.. Me too, shall keep this as a mental note to myself! =)

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