My Best Friend

April 25, 2010

Gahhh, I just shot my mouth off again. I really need better self-discipline and way more self-love.. My actions is really starting to make me doubt my ability to differentiate from right and wrong. Temptation is scary this way.

Mama always tell me never to settle for the second best. I have fallen in and out of love enough to know substitution is not good for me. But why oh why am I feeling this way?

I hope July comes soon so I can be back where I am most comfortable. Where even if a silly dumpling always teases me, makes me cry and then comes along like a prince charming on his white horse, picks me up and makes the world all pretty and nice again.


I miss when you would cut work just to take me out for lunch.


I miss when you would bring me to places I mention on casual phone calls and even lie to me about running errands for your mother and then appearing an hour later with my favourite flowers.


I miss playing games with you and then failing terribly at it so you can save my butt.


I miss demanding dessert before dinner and you indulging me.


I miss troublesome dinners where it means you cook and I eat, you peel and I eat, you get more food and I eat.


Though you call me everyday. I miss being beside you, I miss you holding me. I just miss you.

So please please please keep being my best friend, remind me not to do foolish things like relying on someone else in a moment of weakness. Even if you have to lie again and say you love me. Just say it, because knowing me, I will believe you.


2 Responses to “My Best Friend”

  1. trixieee Says:

    my dear jie :) dont be so emo <3 and…don't wanna comment much but, remember what was one of the reason you chose to leave spore n go to aussie to study? :) i hope you've found/will find (soon) the answer to tt complicated qns u have in ur <3

    • Joy Says:

      sighs, the obvious “right” choice is so so so hard to accomplish. :( yeah, i rmbr my reason for coming here though… :(

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