Back to the basics.

April 27, 2010

Bahhh! I think something is wrong with my lappy… I can’t seem to access the internet during peak hours. :( and its not the router problem because I can hear both my housemate’s Youtube playing. So unfair! :(

Anyway, all the mid-semester results are out.. I got 2 credits and 1 high distinction. 1 of my credits missed a grade 6 by just a measly 2 points. I must not, cannot and will not get complacent. There is still about 60% to go…

Anyway, been a customer of the post office a couple of times the past week because I am turning into a fan of snail mail! :) makes me happy to doodle on pretty stationery…


Postcards for the siblings back home and letter for penpal. :)


Engagment card and chocolates for cuzzie!!!!! Gosh, its my turn next! Need to find boyfriend asap. LOL.


Cute choco I found. :P

Am in a strangely good mood now. Weird considering last night’s blow-up. I suppose this means I have straightened out my thoughts? From now on, my priorities will be, me, myself and I.


2 Responses to “Back to the basics.”

  1. Quirkz^ Says:

    THANKS sweetz~!! even tho i’ve said this many times to you… but i LOVE YOU to BITS!!! Thanks for the card & the choco bar – CUTE!! Good advice to your cousin-in-law. Applies for all aspect not only chocolate. Haa~

    Much luffies~!!

    p/s: your good mood is well-deserved. dont dwell on the sulk, put your smile up! =))

    • Joy Says:

      haha dont mention it. :) it was fun putting it tgt, i loveee sending snail mails. hehe. you too ya? dont let work get u down, think of the person who return home to every single day. heard the radio dedication, u got a good one there. :)

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