Lose weight, I must.

April 29, 2010

Today housemate and I went for our first kick-boxing class! Boy was it intimidating. Haha.. We were told to report to the martial arts gymnasium and I arrived in dowdy home clothes and was greeted by sexy caucasians in tight, colourful, BRANDED exercise attire! -_-”

Lol, frivalous as it may sound, I was more concious that their tops were Nikes and mine was an old school PE t-shirt. *dies in shame*

Also, the class was either very tough or I am just bloody unfit. Barely halfway into the 10 round run, my legs turned jelly! This was before the sets of jump rope, push-ups and crunches. OMG!

Just when I thought the worse was over, I was instructed to put on icky-smelling boxing gloves and the routine of kicks, blocks and punches ensued.

Sigh, I paid money to torture myself over the next 6 weeks. Sure lose weight one! :P

Body tired still not enough, tomorrow I got an assignment due and its really taxing my brain power too. :( :( :( statistics and me, just don’t go well together. And of all weird impulses, I suddenly feel like buying an iPhone. Haha.


2 Responses to “Lose weight, I must.”

  1. xue Says:

    Gal, I went for it during the trial and almost died..
    i thk kick boxing is the worst of all the exercise classes! aw, did you bring some medicinal oil, apply some and you wi feel better :)

    • Joy Says:

      its so tough lah! and fast moving too! dont even hv time to drink water and rest. :( but at least can feel the muscles work. hope i lose fat and NOT build muscles. haha..

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