My sunshine girls.

May 1, 2010

Housemate Leng just called.. The conversation went like this;

Cheeleng: Ah girl, you alone at home?
Me: Yeah why?
Cheeleng: You got guai anot?

What are you? My mother?! Hahahahaha!!!!!! Sorry friends I will only top-up my mobile on Monday so if you really have to reach me, you got to call because I cannot exactly reply SMSes. Had an impromtu Thai dinner with Jean just now. Its nice to just talk cock in the cold with no exams to worry about.

Although I do know finals are in a month’s time. :X

Yesterday I spilled a confession to Serene and last week was a couple of mega long juicy phonecalls with Cherlyn. Plus I recently became Ting’s penpal where I can write and write for pages and yet still not be done. Tomorrow is dimsum day followed by curry party with my Brissy clique. And on the coming Friday I am meeting Geri for cake and tea!!!! :)

Love my girls.


2 Responses to “My sunshine girls.”

  1. xue Says:

    Gal got guai guai in brissy? hahaha thats so cute of cl :D

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