Officially halfway through the semester.

May 1, 2010

Hectic day..

Last minute revisions of my 20% Econometrics assignment was rather worrying because there is always this fear that your original answer was right and you changed it away. I hate Math (and anything to do with calculations and numbers) so once again, I am thinking “damn, what am I doing in this course?”.

I also hated it when I stepped into Colin Clarke this afternoon, the place was swamped with people. Nevermind if they were just submitting their papers, there were some who obviously didn’t put in any effort and went around asking for answers.

I am not dumb to notice you asked me for question 6 and then the girl beside me for question 7. Question 6 isn’t even difficult!?!? And you show me a rough paper full of scribbles – meant to prove you did try to understand? – comment on my nice handwriting and proceed to copy my answer straight out. Tsk, shame on you.

But since I was in a good mood (plans had been made to go shopping), I closed an eye.


But as we were so mad hungry, we never made it to the City. Stopping halfway at Toowong and realising we were just 10 minutes before 4pm (cheaper lunch prices end at 4pm), we had buffet at Sizzler.


Ate till the cows came home before we went grocery shopping.

You know you online ordered one too many times when the delivery guy no longer waits at the entrance for you, instead he knows your unit and comes straight to your door! Nice people, these Australians are. :)

Spent a bomb on hair products because Chee Chee says my hair looks like grass! Argh! I mean I know it has been a tad dry recently but if people actually comment on it, my insecurities go into overdrive. Chucked out all the off-the-shelf products and got a new salon range.

Another reason to hasten my return to good old Singapore where Mama sponsors my hair maintenance. *whines*


Oooh on a random note, I am starting to subconciously wear jeans to school. Autumn must be slowly breaking into Winter I suppose… Its so cold at night. :(


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