C’mon baby, you can do better than blow me hot and cold.

May 4, 2010

Do you sometimes feel life is beyond your control?

Just when you start to belive there is something called fate and that as long as you prayed hard enough, your wishes do come true. You fall down, without warning, and it actually hurts. By then you realise you are in too deep and is struggling to climb out.

You realise you have some what stepped out of your comfort zone, beyond the familiar sadness you usually feel or the expected happy you know you will get from one person. When you cannot find the same emotions in another, you just do not know how to react to these new feelings.

Its like getting to know yourself and what you are capable of all over again. Only, after being stuck in the rut for so long, I forgot what it is like to start anew.


I think I have an obsessive compulsive behaviour when I feel lost. Everything has to match. From undergarments to colour-coded notes and even bedsheets. I sorted everything today. I even put clothes of the same colour on the same shelf. Now in a small way, I feel my life is in order. :)


Today is Tuesday so pizza is on offer. Got a delivery with chocolate lava cake because nothing is more certain than my fondness for dessert.

As usual, I have a strong urge for my tried and tested method of retail therapy. Maybe on Friday (if I can wait that long) when I go down to the city for tea…

I need…..

  1. Liquid eyeliner (because I am in an experimenting mood)
  2. Knee-high leather boots without heels (for New Zealand holiday)
  3. Black pumps
  4. White pumps
  5. Vintage metal sunglasses (if Jay-Jay’s promotion is still on)
  6. Vitamin B pills
  7. Instant 茶叶蛋 spices (mad craving!!!)
  8. Leather jacket (in black or dark brown)

Hmm, I think that is about it. 8 is a nice number.

ROAR! I miss my sister. :(


2 Responses to “C’mon baby, you can do better than blow me hot and cold.”

  1. xue Says:

    i thk u are better than me.. i stick all my notes ard the walls of my room.. iam really mad at that time! hahahaha

    • Joy Says:

      haha but i not emoing over my studies ah? which is v v v v bad… mayb i shld start sticking notes around! my finals timetable suck like hell lah! 4 papers in 5 days. cmi like shit. :(

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