All things nice, and then….

May 7, 2010

Just came back from a tea cum dinner date with Geri. It always so much fun to talk about life here in Brisbane and back home in Singapore because she is my longest ever friend and its really alright to delve into the intimate details of literally everything – even airing of dirty linens – because she probably already heard about them anyway. Haha.

Today is officially Joy Joy indulgent day! Fine dining by the river, teabreak at cozy cafe, lots of gossiping and shopping!

Did not buy anything off my wishlist though. :( was supposed to get black knee-length boots but ended up with grey ones because the colour was really unique. Cutesy wool top too! Hahaha, I just love the winter look which is so not possible in bloody hot home-sweet-home.

But life just can’t be a bed of roses. Just saw the final exam timetable. It sucked. Like real bad.


5 Responses to “All things nice, and then….”

  1. xue Says:

    fine dining by the river n teabreak at cosy cafe like so tai tai hehehe :D

    • Joy Says:

      haha wait till i find the time to upload the photos! really v prettyyy~ :) and shld get around to booking the batam trip le wor! there are only 10+ beach front huts, cheeleng say v fast filled up de. :(

  2. narikodesu Says:

    Love our sessions! <3 Cant wait for the next one hoho!

    • Joy Says:

      yes please! i saw another shingle’s inn opp the casino in the direction of the river… they hv outdoor seating!

      • narikodesu Says:

        Haha yeah !!! I saw it the other day too and was shocked! It was the day when i went to cybercity… so… it was yesterday haha.

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