My mother is one tough cookie.

May 14, 2010

I must be the last person in UQ to not have finished my mid-semesters. Me and my entire lecture group at least. When the rest of the people are prepping for the finals or having the last rush of relaxation before they prep for the finals, I am still at the halfway point. :(


Last week, Alvini was feeling down about his internship. So down he did something silly and then he blocked me from his Facebook because he knew he did something silly. But since our friends are horribly interlinked, secrets don’t last long.

Emo guys are scary, but they are easy to please too! Brought him dinner in bed and its peace at home at last.

In some way I know I am going to miss him when he moves out next semester. And because I am horrible at goodbyes, I have booked the first flight home after my last paper. Feeling really sour now because I talked so big, telling Mama not to courier me my new credit card.

“You sure you don’t need it for duty free shopping??”
“Mommy! If I really want something, I should pay cash out of my own pocket for it.”
“You talk like you got alot of money. For your info, I had to just top money into your Singapore account hor!”

Still I insisted in being a responsible adult that I am but I really would like to get Victoria Secret lotions. Anyway, seeing that she is in an indulgent mood, I breached the topic about Jessica’s early birthday bash at Batam.

“Of all places you want to go where old men find cheap flings?!”
“I also won’t gao shang old man ma!!! Argh!”
“Okay how about you go but don’t stay?”
“Cannot lah niang!!!! All my friends staying.”
(silence as I hear the clockworks in her brain moving)
“Okay, best deal. I will bring you and Trixie to Hong Kong in July if you guai guai stay beside me.”

THAT IS UNDERHAND! Wahhh!! Hong Kong has been like my top holiday destination since a year ago…. But no! I shall not succumb! Going to Batam is because of the company and promises made.


2 Responses to “My mother is one tough cookie.”

  1. xue Says:

    hahaha Thanks dear for not listening to ur mom and gg batam wif us :D OOPS sorry auntie!

    • Joy Says:

      my sister can go lor!! somemore stay 3d2n and she is younger then me and she went LAST YEAR (which means she was even younger). so i dont care, i will go de.

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