Rest in Peace, Grandma.

May 14, 2010

Ah Por, we were never close.

I only see you once a year during Chinese New Year where you would grasp my hands so tightly repeating to yourself “ah lan de nu er“. I don’t even think you know my name with all the grandchildren and great grandchildren you have. Then your shaky hands would reach into the pocket of your very traditional cheongsum for a red packet which you push into my hands and look at me with eyes that look so worldly wise.

I suppose at 93 years old, you literally have eaten more salt then I have had rice. You lived through the world war, got matchmade to a man you didn’t know, had 4 lovely children and nearly 20 great grandchildren. I must say you have led a full life.

Just one fall and it took you away from us. Even when the doctors were optimistic about your discharge from the hospital and you had a healthy appetite, no one could be prepared for your sudden departure.

So Ah Por, wherever you go from now, thank you for bringing the whole extended family together once a year. For being your quiet self and smiling till your very last breath. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all.


2 Responses to “Rest in Peace, Grandma.”

  1. narikodesu Says:

    :( hope you’re ok, babe!

  2. xue Says:

    She will go to heaven and will be so glad that u blog abt her :)

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