Exams take the fun out of studying…

May 17, 2010

Cheeleng just came back from the paper (I chickened out at the last minute and will be going for the make-up)…. She said it was easy.

Considering she didn’t finish 10 questions out of 30 MCQ and randomly shaded them, she must be very confident to proclaim it ‘easy’.

Now I am even more freaked. Because screwing up a tough one is “too bad” but throwing away an easy one its like a slap to my face.

The dreadful take-home Econometrics paper is out too. Didn’t really do well because its a Math paper ultimately. Somehow I never seem to be able to score for numbers-related problems.. That on top of the fact that it is take-home means cheaterbugs get to ace it. :(

I think my mom subconciously feels I am unfilial because the past few phonecalls I made to her she picked up with “Baby!! Is there something wrong??” Its like I will only call her when I am in trouble. So not true mom!

Anyway she claims she has been working too hard but is putting off shopping till I return because its the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE! Whoopeedadoo~ that and she is probably shopping for a new house. Yeaps, the sisters are growing up too fast and need their own rooms and the brother is pissed at the common toilet.

But I am happy where I am luhhh! Bleahx.

Anyway, is it obvious I am here because I am procrastinating yet again? Haha. At least I am not online!!!! Thats as far as my discipline can take me. :P


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