Student + Dying = Studying.

May 17, 2010

Progress on Investments and Portfolio Management is going so so so slow. But at least I am slowly finishing the stash of junk food I have accumulated from all the online grocery shopping (I tend to go overboard when I know I don’t have to suffer by carrying them home). But midnight snacking is starting to look obvious on my round face especially. -_-


Coffee here is good! Better then Singapore even!! Been having my hot caffine fix regularly when I study in the library because its so cold there… On weekend mornings, Han Hui brings the breakfast and I treat the coffee. We are happy girls. :)


Some nights, we gather at International House. I think its cool to stay in a college. It really looks just like in the movies where an announcement comes over the PA system that the basketball team has won and the dining hall erupts into cheers and high-fives. All over the place are fellow students and we can even start a conversation at the coffee machine!

There is even vintage study rooms with real fireplaces, a ton of untouched tomes, brick walls and old old posters. Definitely not what you would see in Singapore’s frequently renovated schools.

And its funny how caucasians come in with cartons of beer and when they see us studying, they left with that sheepish expression that sort of reads, “why do Asians always study?” Its stereotyping but to me, angmos are always drinking. So there! :P


Got food while we mugged throughout the night… It was cold but ice cream in front of me, always gets eaten. :P


Back to dreadful formula swallowing now…

Whoever said, life of a student was easy. Lied.


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