The highs after a hard work’s done.

May 19, 2010

It must be the caffine. Didn’t sleep last night chionging for this morning’s 8am paper… Actually I was more worried about oversleeping that I might as well not sleep at all. Many cups of coffee and I went to school very high. Yeah, in a delirious sort of way. Happy happy~

Bad move though, had a small mental block halfway through the paper and 6 questions which really looked uber familiar but I just totally couldn’t start. :( but still, that is the end of the mid-semesters! Finally! Considering its just one month to the finals, it can’t really be considered “mid” now?

Still I am happy its one more paper down. Went to Toowong with friend for Maccas Breakfast (which we caught just 2 minutes before the lunch menu came out). Had a carbo rush with harshbrowns!!!! Double happy~

Anddddd I bought a chio new school bag from Sportsgirl because there is 30% + 30% off!!! But I didn’t get my black pumps because its Habourtown Saturday with the girlies! I am hedging my bets that it is massive summer sale going on down there now. :)

Stress wouldn’t be a word in the dictionary if everyone discovered the joys of shopping.


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