A night out

May 21, 2010

Just yesterday, I was supposed to go home over the Winter break alone. Today, my whole clique is returning. The speed in which people change their minds amaze me sometimes… Maybe it had something to do with the Aussie dollar crash, we are richer kids now? :P

And yesterday again, I slept for 14 hours. Yeaps, fourteen hours, straight. Exams make me tired. Hahaha.

Today was kickboxing day, my legs feel like jelly. Been thinking through some stuff so my brain feels like jelly too. But going out with the girlies and boy-bashing craptalk is always fun, although we probably don’t mean any of it right inside lah. :)

Since today being Thursday and “Unit 41 bonding day” – Tuesdays and Thursday are our official ‘family days’ – Cheeleng and I really felt bad about flying Alvin’s aeroplane. :(

But its Japanese food!!! I can’t say no to that?! Met up with Yeevoon after class and we headed down to the city for Hanaichi. Felt that Ginga at Southbank had more quirky choices but the quality of Hanaichi was better.


Sitting by the conveyor belt is my favourite!!!!!!!


Even tried sharksfin sushi because I am officially no longer on my sharksfin abstinence diet. :P


Saw they had PEKING DUCK SUSHIIIII~ was so excited… Ahhh, the simple pleasures in life lies on a $5 plate. The meal set us back quite a bit though, because there is no such thing as sushi buffet down under! *sobs*

Each plate is priced between $4-$7 so today’s dinner set us back about $80? And it wasn’t very filling even. Sighhhh…


I love reflection photographs. Adore my new boots. Super  like Australia’s weather and the fashion choices that come with cooler climates. :)

After dinner, we headed across the river to Westend for drinks and more gossips at the cute cute cafe, Three Monkeys. When Cheeleng came home raving about this little coffee joint a week ago, I didn’t think I could be THAT impressed!

The furniture and decorations of this place is mad awesome! But the indoors was a tad stuffy so we sat outside instead. I swear my sisters will go crazy!!!!!! Will bring my baby girls here in December when its warmer (so there would be airconditioning instead) hehehe.


We got milkshakes and cakes to share… That is Han Hui on the phone booking her SIA tickets when just this afternoon she was telling me “no way will she be spending $1600 just like that.” Fickle fickle friends of mine… Haha.


Pity the outdoors was not vintage chic as well. :( but I can’t rave enough about the inside though!



Walking back to Southbank for our ride home….


Been awhile since I took the Citycat and gosh, its now nearly 4am! Should head off the bed soon because tomorrow night Cheeleng is taking me to church. Hahaha… Nono, I am not a convert, just to make more friends?


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