Habourtown Shopping

May 23, 2010

After yesterday’s “indulge-me” session, today its time to get my priorities straight.


Yesterday started bright and early. Even before the time I usually get up for school… All because greedy me got tempted by the bus advertisments on Macca’s Mighty Breakfast Meal! Cheap cheap~ :)

Though I usually prefer cappucino, someone told me I can’t find flat white in Singapore. So it has always been flat white for me here. Hahahaha… When in Australia, drink as Australians drink ma! :P


Then we took the long long train ride into Gold Coast for Habourtown Shopping!!!!

Lucky I put videos of my latest drama obsession, 敗犬女王 into the iPod. Or I would have been so so so bored. :P


After a long day sifting out the best bargains, we returned to the city for dinner. I had a huge steaming hot claypot of bei tai mak because it was a freezing 11 degrees out! Bahhh!


My loot!!!! :D

The sales were awesome! Valleygirl was having a $4.95 sale, got Levi’s ladies for $40 (those with the gem-encrusted pockets, no less), Cotton On was clearing basics at $2 a piece. Hmm, what else were there? I also got stickers from Smiggles and a skipping rope which Cheeleng says will light up!!!!!!!!! *excitedly jumps up and down*

All the above including 3 new sets of pretty lacy undergarments cost me less then $200!!!


Biggest splurge of yesterday, $50 t-shirts. But I wanted these since my poly days… And I cannot possibly find “fcuk down under” back in Singapore ba? Haha.

Now that I have fixed my retail deprivation, I have drawn up a To-Do List. :)

  1. Pack room!
  2. Do laundry (it piles up so fast! Argh!)
  3. Organise lecture notes.
  4. Start listening to lectopia.
  5. Study.

Will be home in exacly 1 month from today… Weird how I am not really excited. :(


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