Just another update…

May 24, 2010

I am so hooked onto drama serial, My Queen, now… Its so funny! Although I am very against jie di lian, I think 阮經天 is cute lor. But Elaine and Cheeleng looked at me with such utterly shocked expressions when I swooned on the train to Gold Coast. -_- he not cute meh?

ethan ruan Pictures, Images and Photos

I don’t care what others say, he is hot! *drools*


Oh and the results are out for the Investment paper I spent the whole of last weekend spilling brain juice for. Worse then what I had hoped for but considering how I struggled to stay awake during the 8am paper, I should just be content.

Smilely faces on my nails to brighten up my day!!


In the midst of mugging, ugly gummy babies (whose heads I take great pleasure in chewing off) and love letters from darling pen pal just makes my day. :) Ah Ting, why your this letter take so long to arrive ah!!!!!! :(


I like to tell people who complain alot to “stop whining and do something about it”.

You say you are fat? Go to the gym!
You say you are worried for the finals? Start studying!
You say you are cold? Don’t dress so sexy!

I say I have dumpling cravings? I make dumplings. :D


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