A lil’ perk-me-up…

June 1, 2010

Forced myself to wake up this morning… Its hard to get up when its cold outside. But my Fruit Loops delivery came.. :D been having cravings for that since a month ago so I ordered it online. Heh heh!

I turned on the computer meaning to print past year papers, and succumbing to the lure of Facebook, I sneaked a peek.



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Pappy made me a scrapbook!!!!!!!!

Filled with unglam photos of me that literally made me cringe and want to bury my face in shame. But so sweet sweet lah! My daddy, the bestest daddy in the world!

Wo Ai Ni :)

Annnnd, he would be flying home in July just for a weekend so I can take him on his virgin Circle Line journey. ^^


One Response to “A lil’ perk-me-up…”

  1. narikodesu Says:

    Your dad’s so cute la! hahaa

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