Mamak Night

June 3, 2010

Just came back from a very filling Mamak Night held by UQ’s Malaysian Student Association.

The food was mainly alot of cheap carbohydrates but the night turned out way better than Alvin made it out to be. Haha… Maybe he gave us really low expectations so we ended up being pleasantly surprised.

We didn’t know anyone and being Singaporeans in Malaysian territory, we stuck out like sore thumbs.

But a nice guy (Alex) talked to me and then we ended up sitting together and we talked to another lonely guy (Bradley) at the teh tarik booth whom we invited to sit with us as well. So from just 2 out-of-place girls, we ended up on a long table with over 10 people! Not bad hor my socialising? :P


Earlier in the day, I brought my own lunch to school! Its my first time doing so despite seeing the China peeps microwaving leftover dinners all the time. Felt really proud of myself although this will most likely be the first and last time I go to such troubles. :(

Rewarded myself with a BOOST smoothie because I survived another kickboxing session!!!! Forgot to withdraw money so ended up having to dig for coins and only having enough for a kids-sized cup. :(

But either the cute angmo was 电到 by me, if not I must have looked damn pathetic. Because he upgraded my kids cup to the regular one at no extra charge. LOL.

We then went for class and hung out in some random toilet (super sad case lah!!!) while waiting for dinner to start.


Pretty good evening held at Colin Clarke’s rooftop cafe. But I didn’t feel it was really worth my $19. Oh wells~

Oh, I won a lucky draw prize too! ^^

On our way home, we tried the Safety Bus provided by UQ everyday after 6pm. All along I thought it followed a fixed route but it turned out to be like a free taxi service! The nice driver dropped us off at our doorstep and we reached home in under 5 minutes.

I forsee my lazy self taking this easy way out often next semester. Heh!

Also, I love my housemate, Alvin to itsy bitsy pieces. He just finished his honour’s project thesis. On page one, he dedicated his report to me and Cheeleng for reminding him how he is “always surrounded by love”. Sweet max! :)


2 Responses to “Mamak Night”

  1. xue Says:

    woah muz b u 2 cuter than me thats y got safety bus as taxi! hahaha and looks like Alv survive the ordeal great :D
    it seems so long since i talk to u..send me a email when ya free leh?
    quickly come back ba~~~

    • Joy Says:

      haha… yalor alvin recently aced a project, top the class for some presentation, blahblahblah. he whole day so happy like floating around. hahaha.. and the safety bus send everyone home lah not just us.. mayb he that day good mood or really cold so make exception or what? lol.

      and i just emailed you! hehehe… efficient joy joy. :D

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