Friends and chocolate is all I need. :)

June 6, 2010

Time passes fast when you are not looking.

Next week is Swotvac. Just a fancy name for study break. The school really shouldn’t call it a “study break” per say because there is definitely no room for “breaks” next week. Haha. Ignore me, I am just being annoying as usual. :P

2 nights ago was bad. Study stress bad. Moodswings bad. PMS bad.

I lost my cool at 4 people.. And its really ironic that the person who made me laugh in the end was Mr Lo Kar Koon. We have like lost contact for what? 5 years? Then just one day, out of the blue he waltz back into my life to become my daily dose of nonsense. Thanks dude!

Last night was Manors night. :) went out with the neighbours for Korean BBQ and steamboat and Hanwoori. For the price, I really was not impressed. We attempted to be Koreans by ordering soju to go with our meal. Yucks! $20 on that drink and we all had priceless facial expressions.

Proceeding on to Westend for desserts at Freestyle Tout.. The experience was awesome! Chocolate desserts release endorphins to make me happy. :) photos another day after Jensen uploads them because kuku me forgot the camera.

Although we threw away much of our alcohol, we were really high disturbing the guys about their “ideal girl” and laughing at Kimberley’s prince-charming checklist. After hearing her standard, I think I should upgrade mine so much more. Hehe.

Anyway the unanimous “must-have” for a guy are….. EYES!

Jensen: 眼镜可以让人心动 (xin1 dong4)
Cheeleng: 心动了就会行动 (xing3 dong4)
Me: 行动了就会心痛. (xin1 tong4)

It was damn funny lah… The way we continue each other’s sentences. Can’t believe they are graduating this semester. :(

Okay, back to darling Jason Hall and his monotonous lecture.


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