Study Blues

June 7, 2010

I hate studying.

The working population would probably give up everything to be where I am now.

With supposedly less burden and definitely less politics.

But the grass is always greener on the other side.

Did I already mention how weary studying makes me?

Heaps of papers and never-ending formulaes to make sense of.

Imagine my dismay when the mother says,

“a degree is as common as an O-level cert!”

I doubt it is THAT commonplace yet.

But its well headed in that direction.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry along Orchard Road has this elusive certificate.

“How about you stay in Australia all through Masters?” she says

“No ma, I have a 5 year plan” I replied.

“I will support you all the way” she pushed further.

“Maybe you can get a CFA along the way” she pushed even further.


Did I mention how much I hate studying?

Yeah, I guess I did.


5 Responses to “Study Blues”

  1. KK Says:

    crazy.. why must it be orchard road… not flora road? =X

    • Joy Says:

      coz orchard road got more people.
      *puts on teacher voice*
      “when sample size become bigger, risk of sampling error goes down, estimation results becomes more justified.”


  2. OMG Joy, if you really get the CFA can I work under you? CFAs are like SUPER tough!


    • Joy Says:

      yeah 20% passing rate. insane lah!!!

      haha, but i dont intend to stay here and do the dual master cum CFA thingy offered by my sch. maybe after working a year or so I will “attempt” to take it in s’pore? lets take it tgt! hahaa! :)

      • Haha I’m not sure if I need more than one year. LOL. Well, the future are full of possibilities! Who knows?

        Anyway, jiayou for your current exams! :D


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